NOE Instruction Sheet

I would have been ok if I had not read instruction sheet, would have just cleaned mold like always, and got to casting. Since this was a hollow point-and NEW to me, I followed the sheet. Info on that sheet should be more clear to old folks and old men.

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Gary Blakely
Gary Blakely

My NOE 268-140-FN-BM3 arrived today. I cleaned it with Hot water and Dawn, doing the 2nd heat cycle now. I noticed the 600 degree comment also, I think my Lee, Lyman & RCBS moulds usually require 700 give or take a little. Thanks for pointing this out!
The mould does look good though. My first mould for the 6.5×55 Swedes.


The instructions are correct. The aluminum mould blocks are designed to be run at around 400 degrees F and definitely under 600 degree F. The mould operating temperature is NOT the same as the lead temperature. Lead temps should be around 700 degrees F or a little higher depending on alloys.