Svarog Hydrant slug loadings with Blue Dot

Just a little video of some loadings in a different powder, this time I’m going to see what these slugs will do with Blue Dot powder. The plan is to shoot them at 100 yards like before using Longshot.

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Hi Thorsaxe,
I was looking on line foe a funnel like you are using to load you’re shot shell and I came up with nothing.
Do you have a line ware I could find one. I thought of trying a PVC threadless pipe coupler heating it up
and bell mouthing it.

Buchanan Precision
Buchanan Precision

Excellent video Thor. It is good that you are showing how little equipment you actually need to load these.

I have several 12 ga. and .410 Loaders,,, however for my Slugs I end up using a Lee Classic Loader to size
de-prime and re-prime the hulls and a Lyman or BPI Roll Crimper to finish.

Can’t wait to see the results with these slugs at 100 yards.

I am right behind you with a Browning A5 Slug Gun with both rifled and smoothbore slug barrels and a Mossberg 500 with a Rifled Barrel. Testing my loads starts soon.