350 Legend SBR – How I’m loading It – Testing NOE 183 GC “Taco’s”? – Explosive Results!!!?

The 350 Legend Eats Taco’s!

If y’all haven’t seen the unlimited humor of Uncle Jim on his channel, you’re defiantly missing out. Well, he sent a huge assortment of bullets to feed this SBR. In this test I’m going to see how well an NOE 360-183 GC bullet feeds and shoots.


The Rifle Build…

350 Legend SBR - How I'm loading It - Testing NOE 183 GC "Taco's"? - Explosive Results!!!? 7

Anderson Lower

SBA3 Buffer Tube and Pistol Brace

Spikes Tactical H3 Buffer

Strike Industries Flat Carbine Buffer Spring

Velocity Trigger

Davidson Defense branded (Aero Precision) Upper and Handguard. Slick sided

UTG Recon Flex MLok Bipod 8-11.5”

Unknown Ebay 5/8×24 30 cal Muzzle brake reamed to 45 cal

BCA 10.5” 9mm Closeout Barrel, Re-contoured after Gas Block to reduce weight. Muzzle threads cut and re-threaded to 5/8×24. Gas Block alignment dimpled using KAK industries dimpling tool. Barrel Extension replaced to M4 Style feed ramp

Carbine Length Gas Tub and Aero Precision Non Adjustable Gas Block. Gas port size (Secret)

Mag Mods To Make it Feed…

This is nothing new as many made an AR15 feed a similiar cartridge to this “NEW” 350 Legend. Using various post on 357 Max AR rimless builds, I came across a detailed write-up on modifying magpul mags to accept a straight wall cartridge.

Since Magpul Mag’s are made of injection molded Polymer it makes quick work using a Dremel and files. I used a 10 round Gen 3. The first thing needed is to remove the shoulder guides

350 Legend SBR - How I'm loading It - Testing NOE 183 GC "Taco's"? - Explosive Results!!!? 9

These Taco bullets are a FP design. This causes issues for semis and feed ramps. A slight grind and polish was done to the M4 feed ramp. And I changed the Magpul Mag spring to a 30 Round spring in my 10 round mag. This is to increase the follower pressure, further explained in the video below.

Flat Point Bullets Expand?!?…

No secret here as seen on the video thumbnail. These Taco Bullet’s expanded like an XTP bullet yet they deliver mass amounts of energy down range. Really surprised me how well it stayed intact. Can these be a viable hunting round?

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Another question for you, since this is a straight wall cartridge do you think we could get by with the 35 Rem Collet Neck Sizing die in the AR’s since there is no shoulder? I don’t imagine that my 357 mag full length sizer would work and I’d rather go with a collet die for ease of use and case life and accuracy if it will permit chambering in the AR without hanging up. Thoughts? Also, I wouldn’t have to buy a whole new die set, just the collet die :D.


very nice results! Since all my cartridges except my 300 blackout are in the 357 magnum family, I’ve been considering swapping my barrel on my 300 blackout to either 350 Legend or 357 Max AR. from your experience so far what would you recommend? I only purchase ammo to a) get more brass, when b) I don’t have anything loaded and want to go shooting. I’m guessing I will either be going the 350 Legend route and buying factory ammo to reload or going the 357 max AR route and using starline 223 basic and working out feeding issues. I… Read more »

EWA Thoughts
EWA Thoughts

Sorry you took offence to my voicing a safety concern. I missed the part where you pressed a mandrel into a Starline 223 basic case to expand the base area of the case in effect producing a rebated rim case from virgin brass. However,it still appears from your video that there is about .150″ of the web area just above the rim cut that is well under size, and most likely not supported by the chamber walls at that point. It is only the thickness of the case at this point that contains the gases. It is your choice to… Read more »

EWA Thoughts
EWA Thoughts

You do realize that you are not getting good support to your cases at the base of the case.
SAAMI 350 case head dimension for the is .390″ while the 223 straight case measures about .373″.
SAAMI 350 chamber head dimension is .391″ to .393″. That means your 223 straight case may have to expand up to ..020″. That is a lot for a 55000 PSI cartridge. See the SAAMI drawing at the URL below.


really enjoy the video’s. very good mind at work here.




So, your truly chambered in .350L and not having any issues with true .223 sized brass? I know the ‘real’ .350 is suppose to be a couple thousands wider at the base than .223.

The Range Squirrel
The Range Squirrel

OK, I think I’m missing something here.
10.5″ 9mm BCA Barrel.
Did you chamber ream it for 350 Legend and add a gas port.