Barrel De-Resonator by Limbsaver – Does it improve accuracy?

A 10$ Accessory To Improve Accuracy?

Almost sounds like the typical TV advertising, “This will change your life! Get it now for $19.99!” But wait there’s more….

Well there is more to this little part that slips over your barrel. Understanding barrel harmonics is science rocketry/gun alchemy. My basic understanding of sinusoidal frequency and resonance from my electronics background gives me a vague understanding in this physical phenomenon that sometimes has even the most experienced handloaders scratching scalps. Somehow Limbsaver has came up with a rubber design that does affect harmonics in our barrel. Simple instructions once followed correctly can help with tuning the barrel whip.

The Rifle That Won’t Shoot Straight…

Those that are following my journey know that I have been struggling to make a couple of budget rifles shoot. Some suggested to just scrap it and invest in one that shoots better. Though I have ability to go this route, my intentions for my channel are to show how one can take whatever rifle they have and make it hit the shooter’s mark. A realistic goal of many that can relate to as a typical target shooter would be a 24×24 target at 1000 yards. This rifle as it sits from factory may never shoot half-inch groups even with the best load development techniques, yet one can still stretch it out to hit targets at 1K and have fun doing so without the enormous upfront cost of a factory built “precision” rifle.

Here’s the results so far:


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Sigurd the Ryder
Sigurd the Ryder

A palma contour barrel 20-24″ long will make a HUGE difference! I have a Krieger 30″ heavy palma barrel I hopefully will be tryingbout soon……not cheap, but I am wanting to shoot out to a mile….
You are doing great, keep up the work and you shall be rewarded in time, I am sure of it! ☺


Very frustrating. But that’s the fun. I will tell what I have found that you will see results with. Start the bullet with a touch to the lands if you can with your best powder charge. Move your bullet deeper .005 after every 5 rounds till you have a .035 jump. This is provided you are not at 100 % case fill at a touch. So touch to .035 off would be 40 rounds. I’ll almost guarantee you will see the best group somewhere in there.
Still messing with harmonics, just differently.


Kenny. Great video as always. Sorry the Limbsaver unit did not produced better results, but as you mentioned in the video it could be because of the barrel being so light. Johnny Reloading Bench did a test were he used different muzzle brakes and even used the same Limbsaver unit you tried. He concluded that having a heavy muzzle brake gave him a better group. This might sound crazy but have you thought of haggling some weights on the front of the barrel so see if it would stop the barrel moving so much?. That way you could determine if… Read more »