308 Win – AR-10 – Lapua Scenar 155 & 167gr with RL 15

We’ve finally got a good shooting AR-10 upper chambered in 308 Winchester, so now it’s time to start testing. Today I’m trying out the Lapua Scenars in 155gr and 167gr varieties with Alliant Reloder 15. The 167gr has shot well in my early tests with the Krieger barrel but it’s time to try some different charge weights.


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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Johnny, if anyone can get those 155’s to perform, it’s you. I’ve been following you on YouTube for years, and you are one of the most methodical Reloaders I’ve seen, and I take your diligent approach and results to heart. I am just starting down the 6.5 Grendel rabbit hole, so I have gone back to your series on the Grendel, in the hopes that I can maximize my results. Thank you for all that you contribute to the reloading community


After thousands of rounds tested my 18″ SS barrel likes 44.6 gr Varget, M210 primers 175 gr. Sierra match kings, OAL 2.825″. I am getting 2550 fps . Best brass has been Lapua or brass from LC M118 LR.