First Casting Session (Big Thanks to all in Dirty South)

Casting with the Lee mold 124 grain truncated cone big thanks to Kyle for the mold and Jamie Jh586 for the handles, Chicowize for the lead and all the help in general you all rock!!!

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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Good rhythm, C.S. I wouldn’t worry about pouring any faster, or yo might find the pour spout doesn’t close completely. Welcome to the casting rabbit hole! LOL
Good video

The Big Man
The Big Man

Freakin awesome. Great video. Thanks for sharing. Are you going to Powder Coat? Also great that you got help from our Georgia Brothers in the Dirty South.. I am a want to be caster that is still collecting my possibles to make it happen. I cannot wait to start casting my own bullets.. Good to watch others so I can learn. Thanks again for sharing Brother..

P.S. Those are some nice looking bullets..