Moose Slugs Range Test 12 Gauge Results (3 Circles OPEN HOUSE ALL VIEWERS Video 49)

Thanks again to Jeff over at TAOFLEDERMAUS for these Moose Minie Ball SWC slugs that we can test in our 12 gauge rifled barrel. The ammo is loaded and it’s off to the range for some interesting results…

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Howdy! I’m the Larry that sent Jeff the Moose SWC slugs. What I sent were two distinct batches, one in pure lead, one in lead a bit less hard than wheel weights. There were no other alloys sent to him. One set was marked with red in the cavities…so it sounds like they became mixed up, sorry to say. Also, I’m not associated with Moose Moulds, though I use them, among other brands in N-SSA competition. The tests show great promise, let me know if you need any more!

Mike Treen
Mike Treen

Those do look like they would do serious damage on deer or even black bear!