Lee 350 Legend Crimp & Reloading Dies – Setting up the Pacesetter Dies CORRECTLY

This New Cartridge Is Actually Cheaper Than I Thought

Usually it seems when a new cartridge hits the market prices are through the roof. It’s actually exciting to see that manufacture like Winchester and now Federal Ammunition are offering factory loaded ammo for about the same cost of 9mm steel case. As of right now we can buy Winchester’s Plinking 147gr Ammo for under 10$ HERE

It seems as Federal Ammunition jumped on the wagon and is now offering their famous Power Point, Soft Point and Fusion line of loaded ammo. Federal also announced Federal’s Custom Shop. Shooters can order ammo custom loaded to their specifications. This is awesome to see, especially for this cartridge and the PLETHORA of projectiles to choose from.

Case Mouth Indexed – The Importance of Trim Length

This cartridge indexes off the case mouth like many auto loaded pistol cartridges. Though SAAMI spec’s give a general idea of what your chamber length and measurements should be, one should really find the exact measurements of their rifle/firearm. Here’s an awesome article from Accurate Shooter to make a simple DIY gauge DIY Chamber Length Gauge.

I bet many didn’t “NOE” that NOE Bullet Molds makes some awesome tools for this as well as other tools for reloading. Chamber Length Buttons  help with this exact measurement and are cheap. Basically, neck size a fire-formed piece of brass, then trim to MIN SAAMI spec. Now barely seat the Chamber Length Button and lock down the bolt / slam the BCG home.

Setting up the Lee Dies Properly

To a seasoned reloader this may not be something new, however I see many folks discard or replace the Lee Lock Rings mostly because the O-ring makes it hard to adjust the lock ring. I’m personally a believer that free-floating increases accuracy and these lock rings are a simple engineered design that I think makes it better than the others. This video goes over the proper setup of these dies as well as a breakdown of this new die set.



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Please Keep the 350 Legend Content coming, I’ve already learned a lot, and hope to avoid any mistakes when I get around to putting my own build together!


Awesome video as always. A lot of great info. Thank you for your hard work. Can’t wait for your next video. Keep up the good work you are doing.?




A great review of the Die set as well as the Crimp Die. Thank you also for showing the DIY Chamber Length use. Keep up the good work.