The Ultimate Wheel Gun

In the world of wheelguns, the word legendary comes to mind when talking about the Smith and Wesson 629 Performance Center 44 Magnum. Mention 44 Magnum to my sister and she immediately starts to quote detective Callahan from the movie Dirty Harry. For us wheel gun fanatics mention 44 Magnum and we think Elmer Keith and Smith and Wesson Performance Center. Though Elmer Keith is regarded as the father of the 44 Magnum, Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry made it famous.

Table Top Review

Physically, the Smith & Wesson Model 629 snubnose makes a nice carry firearm. It’s only 7 in long overall, but weighs in at a hefty 39.6 ounces. Does this make the snubbie too heavy for concealed carry? The way to combat weight is a solid holster and good quality belt. With the proper setup this could be one of the best and most versatile CCW revolvers for protection against 2 legged and 4 legged predators. The trigger is neither too heavy nor too light, but is smooth as glass. The Double Action trigger pull comes in at 9lbs and the single action tops out at 3 1/2 pounds.

The Fix

My only concern with this being a full time carry revolver is the adjustable rear sight. So I set out to resolve this potential issue by changing out the rear sight with something a bit more heavy duty.

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Mike Treen
Mike Treen

Man those are beautiful revolvers! I’m in full agreement with the sight change. Switching out target sights for more durable sights are easily defendable in court even in Commie-fornia. I think you and I are the only two using 6 shooters on the James thang?


Looks like a really nice improvement/upgrade to the weapon. I thought of two comments, one that’s very obvious. Do you mind not having the ability to change or adjust the rear sight ? The second comment is a legal one. I’ve heard not to make any changes in a weapon you carry for self defense. An attorney would love to have that as a reason that you want to be able to better aim that gun at an individual !! It sounds funny, but their out to nail your butt to the cross. All that being said, beautiful gun and… Read more »