S&W 629 Snub Nose – The Ultimate Revolver For Defensive Carry

mr.revolverguy | April 29th, 2019


I recently took on a mission to create The Ultimate Defense Revolver capable of solving any personal defense encounter in North America. A great foundation for me to build upon was the S&W 629 Snubbie 44 Magnum from the Performance Center.


In evaluating this revolver I felt the only thing that really needed improving was the rear sight. With this being an Urban and Woods carry revolver capable of shutting down any encounter with 2-legged or 4-legged predators, something more robust than the thin rear blade of the Smith and Wesson was needed. After a long search I came across DLSports.com and after exchanging a few emails I had what I believe to be a resolution to my problem.


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Did some defensive/combat training last weekend with my 4″ 629 and yes theater is fun and suprisingly more effective than you imagine for speed.


Big bore snubby mighty comforting in a pinch… Best to ya, gyrene..!! Steve

Buchanan Precision
Buchanan Precision

Love your choice of guns! Also being prudent with the .44 Special Ammo. One suggestion I have for you is to install an X Frame Grip on the gun. Those grips are made by Hogue and available from S&W. They have about 3/8″ of padding on the back strap of the gun and take the bite right out of heavy loads that tend to punish the web of your hand severely. I installed a set of these grips on My S&W 696 and it made all the difference in the world. Same basic loads as you were shooting, but with… Read more »