Do Bigger Diameter 45/55 Dabo Cast Bullets Shoot Well In The TC Encore??

TC Encore 45/70 barrels feature standard rifling, not micro groove rifling. My particular barrel shoots .458″ cast bullets well. But how well do .4595″ bullets perform? Can the bigger diameter bullets that shoot well in micro groove also shoot well in the TC Encore??

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Love the lever guns, will look for the video 🙂

Buchanan Precision
Buchanan Precision

FC45: I have been shooting RCBS .45-300 FNGC and FN boolits Both GC’d and Plain Based boolits in my 1895 CB for a long time. My first RCBS Mould dropped wheel weights at . 457 So I bitched and they made me a new mould that drops WW at .461-2 I size these back down to .460. All RCBS Rifle Moulds were engineered around the shrink rate of Linotype and as such they drop WW smaller. I cut the gas check step out of the first mould and I am back using it and powder coating which adds .002-3 to… Read more »