How Many Times Can You Load Winchester AA – PROJECT 410 EDITION! WE REVIEW!!!

In this series we review just how many times reloading shotgun hulls is too many.

At nearly double the cost of regular shotgun ammo, 410 better have a great hull life to give you enough bang for your buck. Watch as we put these to their paces and see what happens.

check out our playlist for the complete list of hulls we have tried so far…
Hey, How Many Times Can You Load That Hull?

Check out Thorsaxe Channel for great slug and loading info!


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Also, thanks for the information on 410. Definitely helpful. Especially considering I just bought a 410/22LR matched pair from Rossi.

One hull I would ask that you evaluate in 410 is the ATI brand. I don’t know where it is made, but I got a box of them for less than the Winchester AA. The issue I had was they would not eject after firing. Had to slide a rod down the Barrell to knock them out each time. Tried five times and all five stuck and would not eject. The gun is chambered for 3″ and these were 2 1/2.


“I may look like Castro, and I do enjoy a good cigar.”
That is fantastic!! Love it!!


Hi ya Manny !!! Another great video sir, thank you soo much !!! Informative and funny, I love it. I have a question about your hat. Is that a NIKE emblem on the side? And what about the patch on the front, what is that symbol? Now about your politics, you say you don’t like the Dems, that’s fine but what about the criminal who runs this country? He only cares about himself and Putin of course…
Keep up the good work my friend, can’t wait for the next one.