WCChapin | Dirty Tina Takes On 200 – 1891 Argentine Mauser Sight Adjustment Verification

A quick pre-match visit to the range to verify adjustments that I made to the front sight of my 1891 Argentine Mauser “Dirty Tina”.

My son Alex provides spotting calls and camera work for this visit to the range on the afternoon prior to a “200 Yard Military Rifle Match” that I plan to attend.

Dirty Tina is Hunter’s Lodge Mannlicher Carbine conversion from the early 1960’s that I purchased at a recent gun show. She is still chambered in the original 7.65×53 Mauser, and her barrel has been shortened.

7.65 Argentine Mauser – Converted SL Military .30-06 Brass – Hornady 150 Grain .312 SP Interlock – CCI 200 Large Rifle Primer – 42.0 Grains H4895

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So, all in the black at 200 yds with a 128 year old military surplus rifle, using iron sights from a wobbly bench. Nice shooting, Chap👍👍👍