WCChapin | A Date with Dirty Tina – 200 Yard Military Rifle Shoot

May 11, 2019 – A blustery, overcast 200 yard Military Rifle competition with iron sights!

My son Alex helped with the calls, and Dirty Tina put the shots down range. The wind and lighting conditions were challenging.

The scored target was a “Shoot and See” type with a 5 ring that was smaller than the 13″ 9 ring of a standard SR 200 Yard target. I lost some points to the left side, and managed to score well enough to earn a certificate.

My three run aggregate on Falling Plates with my Colt 1991 A1 was good enough to earn a certificate in the Military Pistol portion of the shoot.

Dirty Tina is Hunter’s Lodge Mannlicher Carbine conversion from the early 1960’s that I purchased at a recent gun show. She is still chambered in the original 7.65×53 Mauser, and her barrel has been shortened.

7.65 Argentine Mauser – Converted SL Military .30-06 Brass – Hornady 150 Grain .312 SP Interlock – CCI 200 Large Rifle Primer – 42.0 Grains H4895

Colt 1991 A1 – .45 ACP – Lyman 452460 SWC –  CCI 500 Small Pistol Primer – 3.5 Grains Alliant Bullseye

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James Pollard
James Pollard

Well done .


Atta boy! Well done C! Alex did a good job calling as well. I like that rifle a lot!

Eagle Eye Shooting
Eagle Eye Shooting

Something about the way this rifle sounds when manipulated is just mesmerizing. Definitely a awesome rifle. Thank-You for showing how this shoots👍 Pretty damn accurate