Bear Creek Arsenal .458 SOCOM Part 4 – Did I ruin it?

I received more than just a few comments and messages of concern that I ruined the accuracy of the barrel by enlarging the gas port at home.

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GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

I think the gun industry has put a lot of mistique into gun smithing. I think people are overly afraid of modifying many gun parts. If you think about it, having a gunsmith tune your gas port would cost more in shop hours than a whole new BCA barrel. Almost anyone can drill a hole up a size without messing it up, but many people are afraid to do a simple task like that. Realizing that the Emperor is only in skivvies is very liberating. Saigas were what broke that barrier for me. Now if something isn’t how I want… Read more »

GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

Nice work. And I appreciate the easy going lack of nonsense. I need to get an order into BCA