TC Compass 308 180gr Nosler & Varget – A Horrible Day At The Range…Ending With A Good Note

If You Own One…It’s Just A Matter Of Time

The caption says it all. No worries, laugh all you want because I was. This chronograph lasted 5 hits and has paid itself off with lots of load data collected. Maybe it’s intentional for a upgrade? Lol

Finally seeing Groups For The TC Compass

Unlike my previous TC Compass in 308 (which I sent in for repair and returned replaced), my load work ups are showing good results. Keeping the groups to 3 shots due to barrel temp on this pencil barrel, I was able to produce nearly a half MOA group with a 180gr Nosler BT bullet.TC Compass 308 180gr Nosler & Varget - A Horrible Day At The Range...Ending With A Good Note 1

This is a heavy bullet for this 1-12 twist. Goes to show there’s a little more truth about bullet stability than what is commonly thought of. More on this in a future article. Now for this bullet (Nosler 180gr Ballistic Tip) I found for my 308 this bullet likes lots of jump. After doing much research, many 30-ot-six shooters where reporting accurate loads with around a .100″ to .130″ jump. Also, Nosler posted load data for this bullet with H4895 being the most accurate and COAL being 2.800″. Nosler Load Data Here I loaded to .110″ off lands which coincides close to Nosler’s 2.800″ COAL.

So, on a good note, I found another potentially accurate load for my son’s rifle. This time we’re going to nail that IPSC consistently with this budget setup.


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GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

Poor Chrono. You are a fun friend, Kenny.


I have my old Pact 1 from 25 years back. Lost the paperwork for it. Few years back I decided to play with it. I had it mounted on a tackle box/range box. Couldnt get good readings using 22LR as a “calibration” point. Got home and FINALLY found out what “24” means when it flashes. <<<<Eat up with dumb ass LOL! Well, I made a PVC frame that worked out well. After another 3 or 4 years in the closet, i drug it back out. HOLY CRAP!!! HOLES IN IT!!!!! Guess I hit it with the 22. Oh well. Lets… Read more »


Sorry about the chrono, but at least the groups are promising. Might want to consider switching to a thicker barrel so you can shoot 5 shots groups without the barrel overheating. Either way great job as always. Keep up the good work, can’t wait until your next video. Awesome video.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

You aren’t the first, and won’t be the last, to shoot your chrony. Sorry that you had the rough time at the range. This goes under the category of ‘shirt happens’. But on a good note, it looks like the T/C is beginning to show promise. Good luck with this