Cheap vs. Expensive 9mm Hollowpoints: Episode 1 Herters vs Speer Gold Dot

Is Paul Harrell Right? Is “hyper” ammo bad? Are Cheap Hollowpoints Okay? You be the Judge! He has a great channel and information.

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GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

When I was a teenager, I tested a lot of 9mm and 22lr against phone books or tight stacked newsprint. Both seemed to yield identical results. What was interesting, was that almost all the 22 performed about the same against that medium, and it was typically 2″ deeper penetration than the 9mm rounds. I did my testing at 100 yards ish.

GunFun ZS
GunFun ZS

I miss a lot of living in Alaska. You can keep the no-see-ums though.

I have seen what I would consider an inordinate amount of out of spec ammo branded Herters. As in would not chamber, or other obvious dimensional flaws. In 9mm 223, and 12 Ga. I would only consider it to be range ammo for that reason, unless you are going to proactively chamber check every round.


First, thanks for going out into the snow for this! I”ll stay here in Texas lol!
That being said, I”m with ewetho. I’d have done it with similar loads.
Then again, I’ll lay odds yall dont have the selection like we do here.

I run Aguilla 117 in my 9’s 🙂 IF I’m gonna use it on “a bad day” I want it affordable enough
to train with. It runs about the same price as the herters. A tad cheaper sometimes.


Come on we all know a Model 29 S&W in a nice leather holster rules all! Glock…hahahaha…. I’ll take my HK…..

Think you missed Paul’s Point….
Compare standard vs. hyper in regular or +P not standard regular pressure vs. hyper +P

And he never said it was bad just not really worth the price. Although he does recommend Hyper Ammo for .380ACP….

If ya wanna compare hyper vs regular try regular pressure Hyper vs. Standard ammo +P and see what ya get?