My New Long Range Record Shot! 2,000+ Yards! Tikka 7mm SAUM

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This is what the Tikka T3x 7mm SAUM was built for! Going further than every other tool in my safe. This trip was the entire drive behind the build and the choice of each component to carefully curate a 2,000 yard capable rig, the Vasara! (Means Hammer in Finnish where Tikka is manufactured) I have been chomping at the bit for more than a year to attempt this feat and bring you guys this video. I’m glad to share my results and bring you along the journey! Can’t wait for the next goal to crush!

183g Sierra Matchking

Hodgdon H1000

ADG 7mm SAUM Brass

Fed GMM Mag primer

2950 FPS

Match Grade Machine – Barreled action machined by MGM

Tract Optics -Tract Toric Ultra HD 30mm Scope

Modular Driven Technologies – I use the ESS with rear weight and bag rider

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“O U T S T A N D I N G !!!” WELL DONE…

Zombie Head Hunters
Zombie Head Hunters

Congratulations Logan! Well done Sir! Now we can’t wait to see just how far you will stretch this rifle out to. Pretty sure it has a few more yards left on in it.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Great shooting, Logan! That bullet must be almost running out of steam by the time it gets to the plate! What does your ballistic app calculate the velocity is at 2K? Excited to see all of the thought and money you’ve put into the 7 SAUM is paying off! I can also see that I wasn’t the only one in the desert who was getting eaten alive by those biting gnats!

Alaskan Ballistics
Alaskan Ballistics

Awesome Shooting man