It’s Always Better When You Use Your Own Rifle

Have you ever made a fantastic shot but it didn’t feel as awesome as it should have because you had to borrow the rifle to do it? Well this is what our buddy Taylon was going through with our 500 yard rimfire zombie head. He has a couple of them already but he was always using his dad’s rifle to shoot them. Now Taylon was not about to be OK with not shooting his own rifle at one of these heads, so his dad re-barreled his Ruger 10/22 and this kid got down to the business of ridding the world of the undead with some long range 22lr!!! Please enjoy the video.

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Shooting SoCal
Shooting SoCal

Nice shooting! You made me dust off my 10/22 for some range time.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Man, that’s some ELR with a .22LR! I think the longest distance I’ve ever attempted was 300 yards, just because I thought the bullet would disappear into the twilight zone, or something. Okay, now y’all got me wondering if my 50 year old 26″ barrel Mosberg .22 can reach out and at least connect with a 24″ plate! Good stuff guys!