M-1 Rifle hack, Doubling, the hammer and you

This is a procedure to stop doubling with the M-1 and M-1A rifles. The Ar can be done the same way, however, you need a jig to do it and I don’t have one handy.

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This should work on my Mini 14. Thanks for the info and the heads up.
T R U M P 🚂🇺🇸20🇺🇸20🇺🇸! KAG!

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Out of battery detonation on any semiautomatic rifle is no bueno. I lost a good AR when I had a double-feed, creating an out of battery detonation, and there were pieces of the rifle scattered all over the place. We were fortunate that the guy shooting my rifle only got a small cut on his hand, but it was a loss of the rifle.
I haven’t experienced a double-figure on any of my rifles, but I haven’t modified the triggers on any of my semiautomatic rifles, either. However, if I do, I’ll keep your hack in mind. Good stuff, Thor