1917 Load Development

I just became an author and would like to introduce myself with a video of load developing the Eddystone 1917 30-06.

I use the Audette Ladder Test method, I load up a number of cartridges using the same components. Each cartridge loaded gets a specific increment of more powder. With the 30-06, I use an increase of .4 grains each cartridge. I usually start at a middle of the road charge weight, then end somewhere below max charge.

After shooting and marking the shots, I choose the node by consecutive hits that are in close proximity; ideally, hits that are more centered windage wise of the whole, as is done with Dan Newberry’s Optimal Charge Weight method.

Then I load up some cartridges with the charge weight between the weights of my “node,” then test those rounds.

It is the quickest and cheapest way I know to find a load. I took my first shot this morning at 8am, and had my ladder test done, and load confirmed before noon. It took longer to edit and upload the video than it did to come up with that load.


1917 Load Development 5

Not bad shooting for the most corroded bore I had ever seen.

I’d like to thank Loads of Bacon for the great site and permission to post here. Thank you!

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Welcome to TRN. Excellent job with the reloads and some good shooting. I really enjoy reloading for and shooting old mil- surp rifles.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Good content. Welcome to the best community on the inter-web! Putting an old war horse to the job it was created for is always fun


I picked up M1917 30-06 (Eddy Stone) 25 years ago, I shot it when I first got it, and I have never reloaded for it just sitting in my safe with other, old military weapons. So, what powder are you using? My M1 Garand, I reloaded once for it using match grade bullets powder IMR 4895.

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

Welcome aboard (to both you and the kitty 😁)!