MEC 600 Slugger

Here is my first short video about the MEC 600 Slugger I bought month ago. The video is more a “first view”. I will make another video showing the reloading process with the MEC 600 Slugger in detail asap.

With the MEC 600 Slugger you can reload shotgun slugs with an roll crimp like factory made. It`s very easy to adjust the crimp system to your components used for your reloads. If the adjusting is done right you should be able to reload 100-150 perfect looking shotgun slugs per hour.

It took a while to receive this reloading press here in Germany and I guess I had to pay double of what you have to in the US but for me it was worth the money.

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Hello, Marcus..!! Those are the pseudo roll crimps that I have gotten with my 600 Jr also, but the Slugger sure does it better. The pseudo roll crimps did not shoot the Lee Key slugs or Lyman 525s any better than fold crimps. I wonder how those pseudo roll crimps shoot the Russian slugs compared to actual roll crimps made with rotary roll crimpers. Have a great day, Steve