Georgia Shooting Connection Friday Night Live Stream 7/12/19

Happy Friday, everybody! After last week’s live stream, not sure if we can top that one, but we’ll give it our best shot. Hope y’all will drop by and join us. I think we’re gonna talk about mechanical devices and tools and electronic gadgets, how they compare, and how they differ. So come on by and sit a spell. I’m sure we’ll have fun.

The Reloading Press


Kyle Lusk-


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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Jamie, sorry I missed the live chat, but I was on vacation in the mountains, and no cell signal. But I’ll catch the replay, since you know that I care about you and our ‘family’ that attends your weekly chats. I have a 500 mile commute back to work today, so plenty of time to listen

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

I’m sorry I missed most of this one live. A weekly live stream is a lot of work and commitment, and y’all do it well. Keep up the great work!