223 Remington | Hornady 62gr FMJ | H335 Revisited

In this video I revisited some load development using H335 and a 62gr Hornady FMJ bullet. The load data I had originally used to determine my charge weights gave me very low velocities. I discovered that the data I had gathered was from sources that had used 24 and 26 inch barrels to test their loads. D’oh! Lyman’s 50th Edition manual gave me higher charge weight numbers that were gathered from a test barrel that was very similar to the one which I’m using, which is a 16″ 1:7 twist AR15 barrel from Palmetto State Armory. While these groups weren’t exactly what I was looking for (1 MOA-1.5 MOA) I did get much better velocities and some smaller groups than I did during the first test loads. Stick around for more load development posts using these budget projectiles and thanks for watching!

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Give the Hornady 62gr BTHP from Midsouth a try. I think the bullets are $0.12 each, and they shoot excellent with Varget, CFE223, and IMR 4064. I’ve shot some with H335, but I haven’t found anything that just shoots really good with H335.


Try Varget. I just started reloading for AR. I haven’t tested the 62 FMJ yet but so far my testing of the Hornady 55 BTHP and SP in a Oracle and an Axis has shown significantly better groupings with Varget than H335, and CFE 223. Also better velcotiy with Varget but I was hoping to find a powder that meters well for my powder dropper.

For the Axis.
62 FMJ
25.4 gr Varget
CCI 450
R-P brass

Load works really well in the Axis, 10 round MOA groups

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

I wish I could help you with what worked for me, using H335, but all of the loads that I had proven out were with my old 1:9 barrel, and now that I have a 1:7 barrel in my new .223, I’m basically just shooting up my old stock before I reload anything new. The 3 powders that I’ve had the best results with have been BL-C(2), H335 and CFE223. I actually had 2 loads that worked relatively well with H4895, but I think it was probably more luck than anything. When I get back home this weekend, I’ll look… Read more »