Ballistic Rope Darts

The concept of a ballistic rope dart is relatively simple: the projectile consists of a solid metal core with a length of rope or cord attached to the base. For loading, the rope is wound around the core, so that the windings act as a temporary sabot. After the projectile leaves the barrel, the windings unravel and act as a stabilizing tail. In theory, this makes them ideal for shotgun slugs and potentially other smooth-bore projectiles. In practice, however, I was unable to get them to work as intended. My first experimental roped darts were largely destroyed by wadding failure. In my second attempt, I was able to correct the wadding failure issue, but they still failed to stabilize. Here are the videos I made about my two tests:




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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Some ideas win, some not so much. Interesting concept, and I’m pretty sure that you haven’t given up completely. Still interesting, though. Thanks for the honesty and candid report


So the rope slugs brakes the deer’s leg and then hog-ties the legs together. Very clever and insane at the same time.