Reloading 38 special / 357 Mag / Titegroup / H110 Part 2

Testing out 15.0 gr of H110 for the 357 and testing some plinking ammo from Accura for the 38 special with Titegroup.

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H110 is my favorite powder for 357. I put it under everything from 105-200 grain bullets. There is a trick I use for getting a starting charge with H110. I use my calipers to measure how far the bullet will be seated in the case, write it down. I then fill the case with H110 right up to the base of the bullet. verify with calipers and the measurement you wrote down. Dump the powder into a pan on a scale and it will tell you your 100% case fill charge. I have gotten the best results at 100% case… Read more »


Tight Group (To me) wasn’t all that tight. all shooting was done at 15 yards? I’m not attacking your evaluation, however, I have got better results. You may have a little bit of Lemon squeezing going on, as you shoot the round, at the moment of the ignition, you squeeze the grip with your whole hand and your sight aiming on the red dot focus goes out the window. You may not even know you are doing it. -Dave