Collectors Corner: Turnbull GP100 Range Outing

This is simply a collectors item for me because of the sentimental value and beautiful work by Turnbull.

If you want to see exactly how beautiful this revolver is, visit the table top close up review here: Ruger GP100 39/357 Case Colored — Tabletop Preview

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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

She’s a keeper! And the pistol is a work of art, too! 😃
Nice to see such a beautiful pistol that shoots as good as it looks.


PLEASE go back to the nice wood grips that were on it when mama gave it to ypu. Those rubber grips hide that beautiful case hardned revolver. All that work Turnbull did needs to be seen. I am jealous.. Beautiful revolver.


There is something about case hardened firearms that stirs the soul…. Congrats on the gat…!! Your wife is a jewel. Best to ya, bro… Steve