SigMCX SBR 300Blackout: Shot My Gopro

This is Episode #2 in the 300Blkout Journey Testing. Unfortunately in this test I ended up destroying a GoPro Hero4 UGH. I was testing with my friend’s MCX SBR and suppressor. This is a nice balanced setup for up close and personal work.

He had to wait almost 15 months for the US Government to approve his SBR and suppressor request before receiving his stamps.

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Talk to @EagleEyeShooting over in Slack….he’s the Pro Target Camera man these days.
Kenny will prolly give’Ya an award for killing that GoPro…heheee…Kenny takes them iPhones out clean! heheee
Very nice little rifle.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Sorry about your camera. My biggest criticism of GoPro is the limited zoom capability. This requires the user to put their camera too close to the impact area, and at risk of a strike. Funny how the Sig ammo had the lower SD, but worst group. I guess getting the lowest SD doesn’t always translate into best accuracy?

Big Al
Big Al

Nice vid and great gun. GoPro has a deal going where you can send whats left of the shot GoPro for a 100 bucks off of a GoPro 7 black or silver. Check it out.
Again, thanks for the great vid.