Mossberg 500 weed eater? (Funny)

I was out filming the Mossberg 500 and I think the heat got to me and made me goofy. So I made this video.

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Link to Action target AR500, 8″, 3/8″ Gong Steel Target

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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Funny. I somehow don’t think that the neighbors of mine would appreciate me using my Mossberg 500 weed trimmer… but I’m inside City limits, and in a subdivision


Brilliant! Ill have to try to remember this next time i need to tend to overgrown areas.

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

Isn’t that how everyone does it?
(Fair warning – there are a lot of people on the Internet that have zero sense of humor…..and most of them don’t even realize it.)