Shooting the M1903 and the Mauser K98k

Just shooting two of my favorite bolt action military surplus rifles. The M1903 Springfield manufactured by Rock Island Arsenal and the Mauser K98k ( s/243 mfg 1937) refurbished by Yugoslavia. I was shooting Greek HXP in 30-06 and some different 8mm Mauser ammo that I had. The 8mm Mauser handloads were Hornady 8mm (323) 150gr. soft point with H335 (49-50 gr.). I sure had a lot of fun shooting these old rifles, thanks for watching.

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WOW!! If those rifles could talk huh.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Beautiful rifles, Brother! That ’03 looks like it just left the arsenal! Wasn’t the K98’s captured by the Yugoslavians designated M48? I’m trying to remember, but I’m watching this in bed, and about to fall asleep.
Either way, great history lesson!


Very nice old girls…a bit hard on the shoulder but they throw a big punch.
I won’t try to influence you and make you OCD but there are benefits to being a wee bit more organized…