Halloween With The 357 Magnum And Hodgdon Triple Seven Powder

Happy Halloween..!! The 38 Special was originally loaded with black powder in 1898. The 357 Magnum came out in 1935 and was never intended to be loaded with black powder or substitutes. Let’s go ahead and do that using Hodgdon Triple Seven FFFg powder and see if there is any utility there…

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I loaded some 38 special with black powder . It was fun. Cleaning the gun was a lot more work but it was worth it. All of the smoke is cool. I have a few muzzle loaders so I clean just the same way. I also did some 45-70 with some 500 grain cast bullets. That was fun to. Just hard to see if you hit tell the smoke clears. Very fun!

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

I’ve considered loading a few different rounds with black powder, just because, and when I do I will probably start with the .38 Spl.
Great video Steve, and good shooting to you!