Testing the Bear Creek Arsenal 223 Wylde Heavy Barrel

What kind of accuracy and performance can we expect from a $50 AR15 barrel? In today’s video, we revisit a possible accuracy node to see just how well a budget barrel can shoot. I must say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this BCA barrel and couldn’t be happier with how well it performed. And at $51, how can we afford NOT to use their products?! Well done, Bear Creek Arsenal!

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James Pollard
James Pollard

Good stuff Tman


Great Video, I have a lot of PSA uppers and have got similar groups like you have, they really seem to like 69gr smk’s for the PSA 1/7 barrels. The BCA barrels I have seem to like everything from 55gr to 69gr, and dont like 77gr at all, go figure huh, Varget is a go to powder for me in a compressed load for 223 and shoots the best for me, the BCA barrels also shoot better being hand lapped or having a couple hundred rounds down range then the groups shrink. For the money BCA barrels are hard to… Read more »


I am very interested in the MIdway targets you used. Tried to find them on line but Midway doesn’t seem to list them any more. Did you purchase them a long time ago? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

Irv Benzion