357 Mag (950 fps), Hollow Point, BHN 8.7, Bare Gel (PC HP Test)

(This video was first posted to YouTube on July 21, 2017.)

Shooting the 357 Magnum (loaded to just over 38 Special +P), Hollow Point, 1:25 alloy with a BHN of 8.7 into Clear Ballistics Gel from my Taurus 66. This series is a long experiment testing powder coated cast lead hollow point bullets made from various alloys and fired at various velocities.

Consolidated test results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Tb_gBX5ALiPbMYg_qdvBiUV-fNaLln0r18MIqJXTjrM/edit?usp=sharing

The Lee 358-158-RF mold was hollow pointed by Erik Ohlen at http://www.hollowpointmold.com/
Eastwood Mirror Red Powder: http://www.eastwood.com/hotcoat-powder-mirror-red.html


Find the entire playlist here: https://thereloadersnetwork.com/playlist/powder-coated-cast-lead-hollow-point-bullet-testing-lob/

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This reminds me of the old FBI 38 load. That was a show stopper.
Jim Cirrillo (RIP) and his experience helped make this load.
Easy recoil, good power/velocity (even in snubbies).
Yeah. You have a great round there!

James Pollard
James Pollard

Good info . I like how you shoot one in the board . Most people shoot them all in the gel .


Very Nice Data!


Those are some impressive results. The only problem I saw was when you killed the board. It’s going to take a long time to get that board tender enough to eat. But on a positive not your diet will have plenty of fiber!👍😁lol