Testing 308 new loads again

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What brass did you use? If you used Lake City MilSurp instead of say Winchester if the data was developed on Win. Would definitely be a problem. 308 is notorious for this issue.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Julio, I’ve never experienced any pressure problems with H335 in my .223 and .243 loads, and since I’m just now getting into .308, it is on my list of powders to try. I’ll see what mine come out as. But all of my testing will be next spring. The “snapping” you were hearing with the Trail boss loads could have been the rounds transitioning from supersonic to subsonic? They were just over 1Kfps, and possibly that? I have never had any loads using IMR4895 that were satisfactory, but everything I load, using H4895 seem to be good velocity and accuracy.… Read more ยป