Lever Action Peep Sights ~ Ranger Point Precision

R.P.P. offers these aperture sights for the Henry and Marlin lever action rifles.


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That sight is really nice looking. I need to watch again how you reversed the peep on that.
Good luck with the water situation on the range :-))
I have a 45 Colt Marlin I could use that brass sight on, not sure yet if I could use that on my
Cowboy rifle, will have to check the rules !

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Good thing you were shooting prone, that wind would have knocked you over! LOL
Great results with the RPP sights! I’ll go look at their website and see what I can find for my Marlin (Glenfield) 30-30. I can barely hit the target with the factory sights! Thanks for the review, Buffalo

Lever Action Gypsy
Lever Action Gypsy

I would agree adding a peep sight to a lever gun is probably the best upgrade that can be done. Many claim lever guns are not accurate and I think a bit of that has to do with factory buckhorn sights that most come with. I thought it was only Skinner Sights that offered peep sights for levers.The RPP sight looks really great! One thing I do like about the Skinner ‘Lo Pro’ Sight is its a very low profile sight used with the existing front sight. Marbles does make a buckhorn sight blank to fill the slot when you… Read more ยป