Dayattherange Industrial Case Prep Corner

All the discussion about case prep on Discord and the video posted earlier made me want to share what it looks like for me. Long before case prep centers were popular I had some pieces built for me that I believe will last a lifetime. The creativity and engineering seen here on TRN sharing the same passion around reloading makes this site very unique. Thanks everyone for sharing and thank you for putting up with and supporting my videos as well.

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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Quite the “industrial” brass prep center! I probably don’t have anything nearly as “industrial” as your setup, since I use the Lyman brass prep center for my brass prep. I may try to compare flash hole deburring versus not deburring, once I’m in a position to shoot rifles again. I set my shoulders back 0.001-0.0015″ for bolt rifles, and 0.002″ for semiautomatic rifles. I have great success, doing this. All of the .308 brass that I have is 7.62×51 M80 149gr ammo that I shoot and get fire-formed brass. It’s all LC 17 and 18. Being military grade, I have… Read more »

John Fazer
John Fazer

Very nice set up. I use the primer flash hole tool. But I use cheap brass and their flash holes are pretty nasty.