Coated Cast 147 GR Subsonic 9mm?

Today we talk about the design of the NOE 147gr bullet mold for the 9mm, use it, and shoot the bullets cast with it.  Fun times!

Link to the mold

Link to the casting pot 

Link to the mold guide

Link to the push through sizing die

Come and get it, Side Steppin, & Like you mean it, by Dan Lebowitz

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It looks like your get good results with powder from powder buy the pound. What colors work from them? Been using Ford blue from eastwood, and looking for some new color to change it up.


How cool to be able to share design ideas with a manufacture and then get to field test your ideas. Lee could use some field feedback like that but they will never take it. Great video, looks like your living the dream bro. Keep up the great work.