Minimalist reloading for the beginner using the Lee hand press. Part 3

(Re-upload as I rearrange where my content is located)
In this series I show reloading with basic tools and provide information to help a beginner get started. The idea is to show that you can reload without expensive tools or a dedicated space.
Here are a list of items you will see in the series.
Hand press kit
Breech Lock bushings
Electronic scale
Lee perfect powder measure
MTM tray
Case conditioning kit
Case length gauge 223
Lee 9MM die set
Lee 223 die set
Lyman primer pocket trimmer



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I have found the Lee shell holders to fit all the presses I have ever used (and that is many). I currently use an RCBS, Lyman T-Mag, and two Lees and they work in all. You can purchase a set of Lee shell holders for a fair price that will let you load a very large percentage of modern cartridges. I am a big fan of Lee products although in 50 years of reloading I have used stuff from all the companies. I like your video, thanks for putting it together!