Giving Old Molds New Life

Cleaning up an old Lyman mold and revitalizing another mold.
Thank you Charles Irby for the parts

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Nice work tweaking those handles, Jerry. I’ve had a few molds come in with alignment pins ‘out of whack’ presumably from being on wobbly handles — the more hazardous part is the wallowing out of the alignment holes that results from it. Huge pain to try to fix, and a preventable problem in the first place.


An excellent ‘rebuilt tips-n-techniques’ video Jerr….another ‘caution’ I’d add is to resist putting that bronze bore brush in a drill motor to expedite the cavity cleaning. The reason is that the end of the bore brush is hard metal wire and it is exposed beyond the bristles…if that wire loop contacts the mould cavity at the nose of the cast it’ll dent the steel and you will get permanent finning there in every cast from then on. Clean the cavity of all old ‘mould release’ that might be there, clean the old patina out as best as possible, in the… Read more »


That was a great video. Would you recommend the mineral spirits instead of Ballistol for storage ?
I live in Washington ! And are you saying you heat the spirits off or wipe off before casting ?