Lyman VLD neck reaming tool for .223/5.56 primer pocket crimps. One tool, two uses!

I found that the Lyman VLD 22 deg inside chamfer tool does a great job on .223/5.56 brass primer pocket crimps.

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The Range Squirrel
The Range Squirrel

I have a RCBS PP Swager that works well enough, but cannot look at a piece of brass and know it was previously swaged; so I’ve continued using my Hornady PP Reamer so I can do a quick visual when prepping range brass. The reamer cuts @ a 45° and can get a bit hungry. So I’m intrigued with the flat being the ‘stop’ along with the slow taper.
I’m currently using a RCBS VLD chamfer bit, but if it bites the dust…
Thank you.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

The VLD inside chamfer tool is one of several tools that come with the Lyman brass prep center. But their primer pocket uniforming tool works better to remove swaged primer pockets. There’s a set of primer pocket tools for small and large primer pockets. And the uniforming tool can be used without swaging military crimps, but I still swage (first time only) the primer pockets, then use the uniforming tool to put the chamfer on the outer edge of the pocket. I only use the VLD chamfer tool for the inside of the case mouths, followed by the outside chamfer… Read more »


You have to be very careful with this. i have ruined lots of cases because this is not the proper way to remove the crimp. You can end up with too large of a opening and the brass will only last a couple reloads. The primer will fall out with the cycling of the action. If you bottom out the tool this will happen to the brass