10mm Testing Glock G40 – Redding T7 – Part 5

We are doing some shooting in this video and picking a load to transfer to the Dillon XL 750. Oh and shooting the SQUATCH Load.

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WOW at those velocities you were generating about 840 foot pounds wheww. This is not about bashing Glock but I never would have tried that with a Glock Barrel. Any chance you recovered those empty 10MM cases? I would love to examine one or two of them that were fired at the 1450fps load. Squatch please becareful 400 ftlbs 450 ftlbs 500 ftlbs 550 ftlbs 600 ftlbs 650 ftlbs 700 ftlbs 750 ftlbs FBI LITE FBI LITE MEDIUM LOAD MEDIUM LOAD FULL POWER FULL POWER NUCLEAR NUCLEAR 135gns 1,155 fps 1,225 fps 1,292 fps 1,355 fps 1,415 fps 1,473 fps… Read more »