Unusual 9mm Brass

Thanks for watching. Got a curious question for you Reloader

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I forget the company name, but this is new brass that’s supposed to be very durable. Stainless body and aluminum head. It is reloadable but requires special sizing die. Supposed to last through twice as many reloads as brass if not more.
I’d like to see some in person and not just read about it.

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

DO NOT try to reload these with conventional dies!!!
As Loads of Bacon said, they’re NAS3 cases, two-part, and you need special dies to reload those.

Loads of Bacon
Loads of Bacon

Those are NAS3 cases. They are reloadable, but you need special dies for them. I did a few videos about them and the special dies that they require: https://thereloadersnetwork.com/playlist/shell-tech-nas3-cases/