Using Pumice Powder and Linseed Oil to Refinish a Gun Stock

What do you do to repair a gun stock that has imperfections? I recently gave a method a try I had not heard of prior; using pumice powder (along with linseed oil) to grind the surface in a gentle, fine manner.

This was needed for a gun that is my prize possession; a Remington XP-100 having a stock I made myself from scratch many years ago. The linseed oil finish had bubbled over the years and I did not want to damage the underlying tung oil finish.

The pumice powder method seemed most worthy of a try, so I recorded this as I proceeded with caution and attempted the repair (spoiler alert: it turned out very nicely!)

The oil used was a product named Tru-Oil made by Birchwood Casey.

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John's Hand Loading
John's Hand Loading
2 months ago

That is beautiful. The stock you made is fantastic. The compound you made worked great. I have seen finish bubble and peel and I think the tru oil may be prone to do that especially over the tung oil. The finish is really nice now, it is beautiful. Great job. Thank you for filming and sharing it with us.

John's Hand Loading
John's Hand Loading
2 months ago

My understanding is that Tru Oil has Urethane in it and that is what gets flaky or bubbly and peels off. I have used Tung oil alone and Linseed oil alone, never one over the other, but I think the culprit in Tru Oil (because it is a mixture of ingredients) that makes it flaky is urethane. You always have great content in your videos. I appreciate the time it takes to make them.