UPDATE Bushnell TRS25 Piece of Crap??

Not real happy with this sight, not real happy with customer service, called told me how to send it back but I have to pay to send it. NO MORE BUSHNELL for ME!!!
Thanks for watching

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Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

I have the Chinese knockoff if the same red dot. Yep, just like yours, after a few shots, the dot shut off! Wiggled the brightness adjustment, the dot came on again. Few shots, dot shut off again. By the way, it was on my Ruger PC9, too.


Saw the name and was like yikes! The Tandy Radio Shack 80 or TRS-80 was known as the Trash 80.. So you bought a Trash-25…. Bad name but predictive…

BTW — 6 1/2 months after paying to send it back No Taurus 66 replacement… ETA no one knows..