LEE APP Press w/ Some Cool Accessories by NOE

Be sure to check out the Eagle Eye Shooting Channel as well as Julio’s channel (Ocean374) for additional LEE APP content.

Ocean374: https://thereloadersnetwork.com/channel/ocean374/
(Also on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/ocean374)

Eagle Eye Shooting: https://thereloadersnetwork.com/channel/eagle-eye-shooting/
(Also on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfveKF89KlxfxQorgnBSVLQ)

Music: bensound.com

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how tall is the mount?


Very cool video FLT. Its really cool that Lee is working with NOE. That is so unlike them.


Hey Mike, thanks for the demo. Been looking at this press for a while and trying to figure out a spot for it on the already crowded bench !!
The bushing die ( Lee ) sold by NOE holds the stem for pushing the bullet into the sizing die below, is that a caliber size as well as the bushing
below in the die ? Will NOE always sell the Press ? Sorry about all the questions :-((
PS: Can relate on the haircut !


That’s awesome I’m glad you like it and it does need a roller handle keeping the design the same in the center with a roller 👍👍 thanks for the channel shoutout stay safe