Smith and Wesson 629 Competitor: Performance Center Craftsmanship

For me there aren’t many experiences that beat shooting a top shelf highly tuned revolver. This experience ranks right up there with sporting around town in a 1970 Hemi Powered Cuda and laying a little rubber down on the street. Though it has been many years since I have sat behind the wheel of a vintage hotrod, recently I was afforded the opportunity to review one of Smith and Wesson’s latest hotrods, the S&W 629 Competitor. Let me tell you, this is no standard 629. It is truly one on steroids. Built on the time tested N Frame, this Performance Center revolver has been through an overhaul with new innovation like a weighted barrel and the bead blasted finish making it easy on the eyes.

Written Review

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Thats a very pretty gun !!! Isn’t that front sight on backwards?

Jerry 1911
Jerry 1911

Beautiful hog leg, Gunny! I would never criticize a couple of errant shots (especially as close as they were), since I’m no expert with handguns. Yesterday’s range time proved that I need a LOT more practice with my handguns. But great presentation, my friend.