A New Project

  I’ve been building rifles for a couple of years now, and I’m looking for something completely different. I’m looking for a little help on this one finding some custom scales and deciding on the final color. Help me out and let me know what you think.   OzarkSpirit

Homemade 300 Blackout Brass Cutting Station

I wanted to build a brass cutting station that I could use indoors. As many of you know, cutting brass can create a huge mess and can be potentially dangerous. It creates a large quantity of fine brass shavings and flying case necks that can easily damage your eyes or impale sharp edges into an ungloved hand. After prepping over a thousand pieces of brass on this station, I can cut 100 pieces in seven to eight minutes.
Enjoy and improve.… Read More Homemade 300 Blackout Brass Cutting Station

NOE Active Group Buy

http://noebulletmolds.com/smf/index.php/topic,2198.0.html Above is a link for an active group buy on the NOE forum. As many of you know, NOE is one of our Reloader’s Network sponsors. NOE molds are incredibly nice molds and are quite easy to use. Their service is great, and they are quick to ship. How their forum works: members are… Read More NOE Active Group Buy