Welcome to my landing page here on The Reloaders Network.  My family consists of my wife, one son, six dogs and a cat.  We have lived in Southwest Georgia since 2011.  My two biggest passions, outside of my family, are sports and outdoors.  I enjoy everything from hunting, fishing, cutting grass, working on the tractor and fixing whatever breaks to sitting by the fire pit with the neighbors and a cold one.

Living in the middle of no where has it’s advantages, as I have a range in my yard along with farmlands surrounding me which I am both allowed to use recreationally as well as help the farmers with pest eradication via permit.  My neighbors on a yearly basis are peanuts, corn, cotton and wheat, and these tend to present an array of opportunities to fill the freezer.  I’ve got a black lab/hound mix named Shade who helps me track down things that run off, and together we make a pretty good team.

When it comes to firearms, I love anything old Marlin.  I have a host of pre and post war .22s, as well as a few 336s, with my favorite being my .35 Rem.  Now that Marlin is no longer Marlin, I tend to enjoy shooting those scary black rifles, and take those with me hunting more often then anything.  I do have a Browning .270 x-bolt which is my go to “precision” rifle, if you will.  That said, I’ve got some modern sporting rifles (MSR) chambered in everything from 9mm to .223 to 6.5 Grendel to 6.5 Creedmore.  Many of those are capable of “minute of deer” or “minute of squirrel” or ‘minute of coyote” accuracy.

In the beginning of 2018 I decided to try my hand at reloading.  I found there were many channels out there for reloading bolt action rifles, but I really wanted to get into reloading for my MSRs.  I had previously started a YouTube channel where I was getting into the world of doing reviews, but just found that not to be very fun or enjoyable.  I have found everything that goes into reloading and load development to be much more enjoyable, and I do my best to share what I can with my viewers.


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