Bigger behind the trigger Atkinson

I have been reloading for 30+ years. I started casting and powder coating about 2 1/2 years ago. I have been casting fishing lures since I was in high school. It was a business that I had for a business club I was in DECA. I grew up around firearms since I was a baby. My dad was an avid collector and had several antique firearms hanging on the walls. I started shooting when I was 10 years old. My dad waited until he thought I was responsible enough to take on the responsibilities of what a bullet can do. He gave me his first rifle that his dad gave him when he was 12. It’s a Remington 510 target master. It was one of the first rifles he bought. I am giving it to my nephew now. He is 15 and has been learning about firearms for the last 6 months. When we lived in Colorado we would go to the Whittington center and he taught me how to shoot 1,000 yards. We would go there once a month for the weekend. I worked at one of the largest gun store/shooting ranges in the Denver metro area. We we were a class 3 dealer and I had to know everything about the weapons. It was nice because I got to shoot all of them whenever I wanted. I appraised firearms for insurance companies. I was the head range safety officer and taught reloading classes. I have been to several different firearms academies on their dime. I would fire 200 rounds every day before work. The instructor would give me a different drill every day. I did this for 3 1/2 years. I figured I shot about 180,000 rounds of just 45. We all carried 1911s. There were around 20 employees that were all ex military or law enforcement. The only reason I got the job was the GM got tired of me calling him twice a week and going there once a week to shoot. I wanted them to know I could shoot. The only reason I got the job was so he could fire me. I must have done a good job because I lasted that long. I had to quit to take care of my mom because she had a stroke. I went through 6 months of therapy with her so I knew how to take care of her. It’s been almost 19 years now. She had another stroke about 9 years ago and she lost the ability to walk. Taking care of her had been the toughest job I have ever had. My dad passed away in 2003 and I promised him a few minutes after he died that I would take care of her. My dad was a tough but fair guy. He was someone that demanded respect and he got it. It’s been 19 years now and I haven’t let him down. We were always working on old cars and we always had a dragster. I always say I was born 60 years too late, but with the way the firearms industry is going I’m glad I was born in 1969. I really hope that I can help someone out with my videos. My dad would always say you’re never too old to learn and I learn something new every day thanks to The Reloaders Network. I’m now getting back into collecting antique firearms. I had 54 at one point. I am now going to school to learn medical coding and I’m going to take EMT classes. I want to get my EMT-B certification and move on to get the rest of them.  I have lost 126 lbs since February when I had a light heart attack. I hope to be down 150 at my next weigh-in in a few weeks. I have found it is so much easier to do things now then it was in February. That’s long enough. Happy shooting.

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