Hello everyone,

Welcome to my author page. I’m a Rookie Reloader, started in July 2018 with my first press being a Dillon XL650 & recently I’ve joined the community of casting my own projectiles & loving it as much as reloading. As for now I’m only reloading & casting 9mm & 45ACP but I’m enjoying the process & the mistakes I make along the way. I feel will make me a better handlander & shooter. I am part of Georgia Shooting Connection livestream that airs every Friday @8pm EST. Coming up in the future I’ll be stepping my game up by starting to load for .308 & 223/556 (I own the Dies already?) rifle loads & possibly getting into competition shooting. I’ll be taking you viewers along for the ride, sit back grab your popcorn & enjoy. Thanks for stopping by. Chicowize from The Dirty South


More information coming soon.

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